Gabe Blazer Black


It's about time that suits made a comeback, not they went anywhere; but as a casual contemporary option. Looking at all those sweet weird shaped suits in the 90s makes us wonder if that can come back around. The joys of suits is in the fact they might be the lazy dresser's best friend.

If you're wearing the same pants or a coach jacket every day it's inevitable that you're going to be defined by it sooner or later. If you wear a suit every day nobody even cares. The trick is to wear something cool so that you're clearly differentiated from all the cookie cutter blue collar types that pepper the city streets once the clock strikes lunch-o-clock. The way to pull that off is to have differing materials & cuts. We'd say colour too but that can stray quickly towards the recognisability that eats into your everyday wearability.

This option from Soulland has a nice interesting fabric you're more likely to see on sportswear than tailoring. It lends a pleasant sheen to your outfit without turning you into shiny suit man. The jacket itself is also unlined, a perfect thing for everyday because you can just chuck the whole thing in the wash & not have to worry about fabric fusing etc.

Fabric made from 93% polyamide, 7% polyurethane

3 utility patch pockets

Unlined single breast construction

Fabric made in Orsenigo, Italy

Garment made in Istanbul, Turkey

Woven label in OekoTex certified polyester

Hangtags made of FSC certified paper & recycled plastic

Polybag made in biodegradable plastic 

Relaxed fit. We recommend taking your regular size.

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Soulland Gabe Blazer Black Soulland Gabe Blazer Black

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