HCWBB Issue 4

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A publication for women who work.

  • Award-winning British artist Zarah Hussain talks to journalist and friend Amy Ridout about bringing Islamic art into the digital age pushing back against the pressures for women to look and act a certain way in the art world.
  • Marie Claire Australia’s Fashion Editor-at-Large, Clare Press, wrote a book about ethical fashion called Wardrobe Crisis and Bri Lee interviewed her about her career in print and now podcasting.
  • Audrey Oh is a trans woman currently serving in the US military. Her blistering memoir and conversation with another, retired trans troop, is accompanied by Anna Apuli’s original illustrations.
  • Darug elder Aunty Jacinta Tobin talks Country with Izzi Manfredi of The Preatures whose single Yanada features Izzi singing in the Dharug language. Their funny and touching chat has been capture in pictures by Jesse Mullins.
  • Phoebe Veldhuizen has photographed her mother, Kaz, who works as a chaplain in emergency rooms. Kaz is a queer, disabled woman, and these images run alongside a moving conversation between mother and daughter.
  • Patience Hodgson of The Grates and Rachel Burke are best mates and crafters-in-arms. They talk about hot glue guns being incompatible with babies (and more generally, the pressures of balancing motherhood and career and hobby) with bright, glittering pictures of their meeting by Bri Lee.
  • Three different Canadian chefs, all battling dudebro kitchens, talk to Brianne Dempsey about how more women graduate from culinary schools, but find the culture of their workplaces unbearable. Accompanied by Anna Apuli’s delicious illustrations.
  • Hello to Wendy Ma, our Featured Artist. Wendy’s ceramics and photography are both on display – she’s photographed her jewellery on her model and friend, Deena.
  • Kim Wong-Shing is a Black woman navigating the politics and hard work of farming in America in the 21st century. So is Nailah Marie, who studies farming and dreams of having her own farm one day. So Kim interviewed her about it.
  • Some creatives don’t fit the mould and Sarah Firth is a cartoonist, filmmaker, graphic recorder, visual artist, and writer. Bri Lee spoke to her about being all kinds of artist.
  • Greens MP Dr Mehreen Faruqi is fighting for all the things you care about – abortion access, greyhounds, the environment, and domestic violence – and it’s hard work. Bri Lee interview Mehreen about how she keeps fighting.
  • Madison Griffiths went to interview soccer stars Candela Ferrerya Bas and Courtney Hueston about how awesome they are, and on that very afternoon they found out they wouldn’t be getting paid for their work. This outrageous interview is accompanied by some original art by Madison herself.
  • Acclaimed author Fiona Wright introduces us to her dog, Virginia Woof, in a beautiful memoir about support animals that Anna Apuli has illustrated.
  • Extraordinary dancer and dance-maker, Amrita Hepi, is interviewed about her extraordinary routine by the expert on all such things: Madeline Dore. Anna Apuli has illustrated some of Amrita’s dancing, and there are plenty of beautiful photos of her as well.

Based and produced in Brisbane, Australia.

Packaged with 2 special post cards.


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