Womens Spring/Summer 2017 Round-Up

>  10 October 2016

Given our current lineup womens fashion week is not a huge focus for CONTRA, however being appreicative of all things fashion there's always inspiration to be had. Team that with a focus on bringing better options for girls moving into 2017 we make sure to keep an eye on what's hitting the runway every round of fashion weeks (which seems constant). We were impressed by the usual suspects and found some love for a few new places thanks to different directions or an injection of new blood with a big shuffle amongst some of the top houses creative and design directors this season.


Céline always comes strong with the ultra-luxurious simplicity and SS17 was no different. Amazing colour palette, relaxed but still sharp outerwear and the inclusion of some arty prints gave it a very chic feel. Accessories were on-pointas always.

Highlights: Those sharp electric blue sunglasses, studded overcoats and the look with the baby blue top, pleated skirt with contrasting red bag/stockings was off-the-hook.


Rei Kawakubo's CdG freight train keeps on moving forward, with her Paris shows being mainly about concept and spectacle than actual practicality. The SS17 womens event was no different, with some pretty spectacular silhouettes all executed in her signature blacked-out palette.

Highlights: For us it has to be the footwear, the Nike Air Vapormax hasn't even dropped yet and already it's been upstaged by the CdG version. Along with the Air Moc boot making a cameo, these shoes are wild. It will be interesting to see how people try and rock these but the show's styling with mid-height socks is a good start.

Prada always presents a simple, luxurious line styled to the nines and SS17 for womens was no different to any other time. With a bucket load of accessories and layers on each look it is quite difficult to look and deconstruct anything but if past seasons are anything to go by we know that there's going to be at least 2 or 3 essentials for the season.

Highlights: Accessories for us; glasses, bags, belts and brooches always stellar. The furry sandals are impressive, looking foward to seeing which ladies have the confidence to rock those.


We're big fans on what Marni does; it skirts the line between clean contemporary and luxury really well and their menswear offerings are much obsessed over. The womenswear for SS17 brought in some of the most insane bumbags we've ever seen but with those out of the mind you see a lot of very wearable relaxed silhouettes in a lovely colour palette.

Highlights: Aside from the amazing colours which were colour-blocked so perfectly it's got to be the oversized high-neck tops that skirt the line between blouse and trench.

Like it's bigger sister Prada, Miu Miu always comes strong with accessories and this season paired that with a very beachy vibe that would work perfectly here in the southern hemisphere. The colour palette was exciting and vibrant whilst the pieces were breezy and chic.

Highlights: Do I even need to say it? Those bathrobes are essential to anyone who has the funds to make it happen. I wonder if they make them big enough for guys...


Compared to the luxurious basics many know the brand for, MM6 encapsulates more experimental and outlandish tailoring from Maison Martin Margiela. This season hit on all the key notes of oversize, anti-fit and graphics but did it all in a distinctly Margiela way. One thing interesting is that the hair styling in this presentation was inspired by a Japanese book of Barbies wearing MMM pieces, very nifty.

Highlights: That printed cat tee obviously, the oversized shirt silhouettes and skirts also create something that's quite of-the-moment yet incredibly wearable.


Many were sceptical when Balenciaga announced that relative newcomer Demna Gvasvalia would be heading up the house earlier this year. As a member of the Vetements collective, Demna has had massive influence over the established fashion world these last few years and although successful the move to such a highly regarded house was questioned. Now into his second womenswear season (and the house's first ever menswear show) in, it has become apparent that Balenciaga has made a fantastic move. The injection of exuberence into the label has been widely well received and Gvasvalia's penchant for combining the history of the house along with his own influences is fantastic to see. The SS17 show paired back some of the extreme silhouettes seen in AW16 and injected some colour as well.

Highlights: The squared shoulder jackets and trench coat echo the first collection designed by Gavasvalia (and some of the innovation by Balenciaga himself in the 50s) and oversized bags that look better suited as an ottoman than anything else. The condom-esque coat is more of an acquired taste...


The double G's keeps on steaming through the seasons and is consistently killing it more than just about any luxury house at the moment. Gucci is back baby and it's in no small part thanks to the vision of the man who steered them into new waters; Alessando Michele.

Highlights: Everything, it's all a highlight. If I had to choose though, the throwback bootleg looking sweater will be a smash hit and who doesn't love a fur overcoat with zebras?


Maison Kitsuné is a favourite around our parts and their SS17 womenswear range that dropped during PFW was as fun, wearable and interesting as ever.

Highlights: What makes Kitsuneé so great is that whilst it retains an inherent "Frenchness" it remains easily wearable every day. The sweats and tees from this season are the perfect accompanyment to just about any situation and outfit.


Whilst the show lacked some of the excitement of previous years, the clothes at the womens SS17 show from Chanel never cease to impress. The way that Karl Lagerfeld continues to pump out so many looks, over so many collections is awe inspiring. Only time will tell if things will be as easy for his replacement when the time comes (we're thinking it will be Hedi Slimane). This season's computer theme was a bit cheesy but the execution of the idea on the clothing was classic Chanel.

Highlights: Chanel baseball cap? I'll take them all thanks... Not really, can't afford even one. The laser looking print is very lux but at the same time bursting with colour. This season's classic Chanel tweeds with metalic materials woven in (by hand as always).


All images from this post come from the Vogue UK network