Hand made in England since 1960: Dr Martens

>  27 May 2017

Since opening the doors on April 1st, 2016 Contra has been focussed on working history into our mix of contemporary labels. When it comes to footwear it's hard to go past the name Dr Martens, most commonly known as "Doc's". Since the very beginning some 57 years ago, Dr Marten's has been making some of the most iconic boots on the planet at their Cobb's Lane factory in Northamptonshire by hand.

In 2003 Dr Martens closed all of their UK factories except for the original location in an attempt to save the company from bankruptcy, which thankfully kept them operational whilst at the same time maintaining and preserving the history of the organisation. To this day, although growing the UK made product accounts for less than 2% of the total amount of Docs produced every year.

Now the "Made in England" insignia shows to the world that these are the pinnacle of Dr Martens footwear, bringing together the tradition of the last 57 years along with the modern history of one of the world's most iconic brands. As trends come and go there is a guarantee that Doc's will be on the feet of people around the world for many decades to come, and the product made in a small factory on Cobb's Lane will remain to be the purest example of these icons.