Contra & Soulland "Madness"

>  21 August 2017


Isaac Newton once said “I can calculate the motion of stars, but not the madness of men” 

We are very pleased and excited to share the first true collaborative release for Contra, just over a year into our existence. For this honour we felt it was only fitting that we share it with Soulland, one of the very first brands and one that is still a constant inspiration. The project comprises of a T-Shirt using the theme of “Madness” and Semper Augustus from the 17th century Dutch “Tulip Mania” packaged with a 12 piece sticker set, featuring graphics that further expand on the theme.

To learn more have a read of the official press release, which seems like a lazy way of doing things but we wrote the damned thing ourselves so get over it!


During the year 1637, wealthy Dutch were overcome with an infatuation for a very rare variation of the tulip. The coveted flowers were a virus stricken strain of that would “break” the pigment of the petals to create beautiful patterns streaked with reds, whites, yellows and violets. The most revered of these tulips were owned by a single man, they were known as Semper Augustus.

As interest grew, the price for these owers (of which there was rumoured to be less than 12) spiralled out of control reaching a point that a single bulb would be sold for as much as 10,000 Gilders; enough to clothe and feed a Dutch family for half a lifetime. A price that far surpassed the value of gold, silver and diamonds at the time.

With a perceived growth in value, entrepreneurs across the country rushed to join in on the trend with tulip bulbs being sold along with purchases of bulbs that were to be grown during the spring. There were reports of ghts, robberies and all kinds of madness.

As if immediately after the boom had begun it was over; with the price of virus-e ected tulips crashing to that of a normal ower within weeks. Overnight investors were left in a position where they had paid lifetimes worth of money for a ower that would be worthless by the time it had grown.

These events would be referred to as “Tulip Mania”. Much like the South Sea Bubble and Mississippi Company scheme these are some of the earliest occurrences of market boom and bust thanks to greed and the madness of men. 


The Madness tee set will release in-store both at Contra & Soulland's Copenhagen store Saturday, August 26.



Photographer: @sean.pykeModels: @1kingkwaii | @tishaking | @calthony.pattano | @xoxobelxoxo